Friday, January 13, 2012

Butterfly in the Sky

At some point during elementary school, I'm not certain which grade, but certainly during the time that I would have still made that face at the camera, we got to watch Reading Rainbow episodes on Fridays. For a child who didn't love recess, in class movies, parties, or other "fun" things, Reading Rainbow time was huge for me - i looked forward to it all week. I'm not sure how to describe this with enough enthusiasm, but I LOVED Reading Rainbow - I loved the song, the books (all those books), the vast array of people and purposes, and of course, Levar, sweet, funny, Levar. Sigh. It might be better if I didn't admit this, but I still like to watch old episodes online from time to time as they become available, and when I discovered that the library carries episodes on DVD? Well, if you live in Bellingham and you're child can't get a copy because it's been checked out, call me.

Reading Rainbow highlighted everything I loved and still love about reading: adventure, observation, connection, information, and education. I wanted to be in an episode with Lavar, and short of that, I wanted him to at least use my book of choice at the end when children would present their picks that related to the show's theme. I've had the same pick since I was little, one of my all time favorite children's books, and because I married well and have discovered that the threat of an almost thirty year old's breakdown is quite worrisome to said spouse, Andrew agreed to make this dream a reality.

In all its homemade glory, shot with my ipod and unedited because I don't know how, I give to you a book I really think you'll love, but you don't have to take my word for it.

And if that gem wasn't enough for you, we invite you to the outtakes - our ridiculously embarrassing gift to you - feel free to use them against us one day, we already laughed enough to make them worth it.

I'll see you next time.


  1. The post is wonderful, but the outtakes made me rolling with laughter.

  2. I loved that book as a kid.... and I LOVED hearing your voice again on the outtakes!