Saturday, January 21, 2012

Coffee, an Introduction

If you know me now you know how much I love coffee. In fact, in our wedding vows, which we wrote separately and did not share until the ceremony, both Andrew and I referenced our thankfulness that we both love coffee as much as we do. We love amazing beans, praise local roasters, work to perfect our morning (afternoon and night) cup whether it be from the french press, Chemex, or stove-top espresso maker. It's hard now to imagine a time when I did not love coffee, but it definitely existed. In fact, though my father had a pot of coffee every morning (black with two ice cubes), I had no taste for it at all.

When I was in 8th grade, or maybe 9th, an older girl from the church I was attending took my best friend and me out for coffee at a little shop in town. Ashley, do you remember this?

I remember how much older I felt out with the two of them, and even though I ordered, oh goodness, I think it was an Irish Cream flavored latte (tiny shudder), and I did have to work hard to get down those first few sips, which I also partially blame on my syrup choice, it wasn't terrible. I remember thinking that maybe this coffee thing wasn't so bad after all, and even better? We laughed and talked and shared and I realized that it was more about the gathering than just the beverage. Since that first coffee date I've enjoyed more than my fair share of amazing cups of coffee, and though I meandered my way to an appreciate of the bean and the process, I enjoyed some pretty fantastic phases of flavor along the way. I remember these phases of favorites, and they make me smile, but that smile is less about what was in the cup, though that does at times make me chuckle, and more about who I was spending time with during those times - sharing coffee, laughter, stories, just like that first outing.

For remembrance, in order:
- Irish Cream Latte
- Caramel Mocha
- Hazelnut Latte
- Raspberry Cappuccino
- Vanilla Latte
-Black coffee or latte (no syrup)

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