Saturday, January 14, 2012

Daddy Dates

My memories of my parents grow complicated as I age. Emotional reflections that once seemed so simple are clouded now by my own rationalizations; becoming an adult informs me of how difficult it is to be one, and it makes it harder not to think through old memories through a different lens. Noticing that I'm tending toward this, I've been carving out some experiences that I'm working hard not to tarnish or redefine, those times I want to keep as they've always been, uncomplicated by at least some real-life motivations.

The image above is from a photo booth strip taken during a "daddy date". I loved these dates as a kid - a little time out just me and my dad - dinner, and most of the time, a little treat. I remember bits of different dates, the food we had, the stores we meandered through, the gift I picked out at the end. Part of me really wishes I still had that set of pastel skinny belts with punched out hearts and stars instead of plain belt holes. While we're on that subject, I really wish I still had the shirt in this photo - how cure are those sleeves?

Well worn by years carried in a wallet, this photo still holds our smiles in tact. We look happy in a way that I feel grateful for - evidence of a time before we knew the truth about who we'd be and what would happen. My father and I shared a lot of our personality quirks, and though as an adult I find that to be a daunting realization, as a little girl, it made me feel special and safe.


  1. I've seen this picture before, but I find it so lovely and striking. I don't easily recognize the little girl in the picture to be you. For me, I see you so clearly in the eyes and smile of the father in the picture. They are, nearly exactly, your eyes and your smile.

  2. And, if you look at the photobooth photo of you and Andrew on your FB page...the one where you are on the right-hand side of the photo--- geeze!